Welcome to our game portal dedicated to, the addictive online gaming sensation! Get ready to embark on an incredible adventure filled with endless possibilities and exciting challenges.

How to Play

In, you'll find yourself in a vibrant virtual universe where creativity and strategy collide. Your goal is to navigate through a variety of immersive environments, battling opponents, and constructing remarkable structures. Whether you prefer solo quests or teaming up with friends, the choice is yours!

Game Controls

Mastering the controls is crucial to your success in Fear not, as they are intuitive and easy to grasp. Use the WASD keys to move your character, and the mouse to aim and attack. You'll quickly find yourself fully immersed in the thrilling gameplay, executing swift movements and precise strikes effortlessly.

Game Strategies

To excel in, it's essential to employ smart strategies. Sharpen your combat skills, adapt to different playstyles, and explore the vast array of weapons and tools at your disposal. Collect resources, build strategic fortresses, and establish strong alliances to dominate the battlefield. Remember, strategy and teamwork often triumph over sheer force!

Game Platforms is designed to be enjoyed across multiple platforms, ensuring you never miss out on the action. Whether you're a PC enthusiast, a console gamer, or a mobile aficionado, you can join the excitement and play from the platform of your choice. Flexibility and accessibility are at the core of our gaming experience.

Join the Bloxd io community today and discover a world of thrilling adventures, creative expression, and friendly competition. Don't miss out on the chance to unlock your full gaming potential and forge unforgettable memories. Dive into the immersive world of and experience gaming like never before!

What is Bloxd io?

Launched in February 2021 by Arthur, Bloxd io boasts Minecraft-inspired graphics and an array of engaging game modes:

  • Bloxd Hop: Embark on a mission to reach the map's end within a specified timeframe. Navigate the level parkour-style, hopping onto blocks of various sizes.
  • Doodle Cube: This mode mirrors drawing games like Create objects based on given themes, and let others vote on their representativeness.
  • Evil Tower: Conquer the Evil Tower by utilizing your parkour skills. Drawing inspiration from Roblox's Tower of Hell, this mode offers a challenging ascent.
  • Peaceful: A mode reminiscent of creative mode in Minecraft, allowing free exploration, resource collection, and building.
  • Cube Warfare: Immerse yourself in thrilling battles against other players in a third-person shooter setting, where building blocks add an extra layer of strategy.

Accessible on any web browser without the need for downloads, Bloxd io ensures a seamless gaming experience across desktop, mobile, and tablet platforms. Progress can be saved through an in-game account.

Why Should You Play

Numerous compelling reasons make a must-play:

  • Free and Accessible: No downloads or payments required; all you need is a web browser and an internet connection.
  • Fun and Creative: Dive into diverse game modes with unique objectives, expressing your creativity through building and drawing.
  • Multiplayer and Social: Join friends or make new connections online, engaging in multiplayer games and lively chats.
  • Rewarding and Addictive: Earn gold from achievements, spend it in the shop, and climb the leaderboards by leveling up your XP.


What are io games?

Io games are addictive online multiplayer games with simple graphics and gameplay, often featuring .io in their domain names, such as and

What are Minecraft graphics?

Minecraft graphics employ voxels (3D pixels) to create a blocky world, drawing inspiration from the popular sandbox game Minecraft.

How do I save my progress in Bloxd?

Simply create an in-game account by entering a username and password to save your progress.

How do I change my avatar in Bloxd io?

Visit the shop (B) to buy different skins with gold and customize your avatar's appearance.

How do I report a bug or a problem?

Contact the developer on Discord or Twitter to report any bugs or issues in Bloxd io.


To navigate the Bloxd universe, familiarize yourself with these controls:

  • [W]/[A]/[S]/[D]: Move
  • [Shift] or double-tap [W]: Run
  • [C] [Z] or Caps Lock: Crouch
  • [T] or [Enter]: Chat
  • [B]: Open shop
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